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We have a list of writers that are available on demand. The customers need to remember that some of them have more experience than others. The option “preferred writer” exists to help the users make their choice. If you want the previous specialist to conduct the next paper, it is a possible option. You have to enter the ID of the selected writer in the field and wait for them to be assigned.

Also, the customers need to know that the estimated price of the order depends on the urgency and the deadline. Regardless of the type and the theme of the assignment, you will be charged more for the speedy delivery. Moreover, customers need to be aware of the “regular writer” option. It does not affect the price of the order and therefore becomes a part of the standard company policy. As soon as you click on the button that says “advanced writer”, you automatically agree to a higher price. The difference in cost can be explained by the level of professionalism characteristic of a certain writer.